November Walk: Sedlescombe, East Sussex


Sedlescombe Circular.

Glorious day, blue sky and a good walk on clear tracks and the through varied countryside of valley, meadow and woods of East Sussex. After heavy rain, the Sussex clay still creates a little mayhem for walkers it is soon passed.

Ancient lanes and Brede High Woods, a glimpse of Powdermill Reservoir built in 1929 for Hastings, the wide valley of the River Brede, once under water and part of the Appledore Estuary, oaks, beech birch and chestnut resplendent in autumn colour with leaves fluttering down like snow to carpet the path, upright pines darken the sky. I met more walkers on this short walk than in five sections of 1066 Harold’s Way.

6.26 miles

a 20131119_093917        b 20131119_100007

c 20131119_102221        d 20131119_103636

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