1066 Harold’s Way


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Vince Elphick e-mailed to confirm that he had completed Walk 1 Westminster Abbey to Greenwich on Friday 20th December 2013 – his first steps on 1066 Harold’s Way and has claimed his first 1066 Harold’s Way sticker.

Vince anticipates completing Greenwich to Dartford Walks 2 and 3 together on the 4th January 2013 when the weather and the floods will hopefully have calmed down.

Lesnes Abbey could be a bit muddy but there are good paths all the way round to the A206 when the path first follows the floodbank round to the blocked and possibly flooded underpass mentioned in Jim’s report, blog 27th December 2013. The alternative footpath is to cross the A206 and continue to pick up the waymarked path into Dartford.

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