Just Walking

I think that my School Report for 2013 might have read:

‘Well done Clarke. You devoted a lot of energy in supporting the team and helped three walkers to achieve their goals. You are also to be congratulated on the publication of 1066 Harold’s Way in July 2013. However, you failed to give enough time for your personal development and this, if not addressed, will affect your future performance’

Too true!

I used to see a footpath waymark and wonder where it went. I used to just walk with map in hand and explore. I used to walk without the paraphernalia of a dictaphone to record every turn and every stile and then type up the notes later. Every walk had to relate to 1066 Harold’s Way, Three Castle or the Final Journey and was work.

1066 Harold’s Way and Three Castles have now been walked and walking The Final Journey will be my weekly long walk.

But in between I will have time for shorter walks, bus walks and walking paths I haven’t walked before or, to just walk.

Today was just such a walk, from Marine Court, St Leonards on Sea to Rock-a-Nore, Hastings, 3¾ miles in 65 minutes – it was good to get out.

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