1066 Harold’s Way

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The Palace of Westminster 28th December, 1065

Westminster Abbey Consecrated. From Your Court Correspondent.

Twenty years after the King first commissioned the building of a new abbey at Thorney Island, Westminster Abbey was finally consecrated today.

The crowds that lined the streets, around the new Abbey and the Royal Palace, were much subdued on what should have been a day of great rejoicing.

King Edward, known and loved throughout the land as ‘The Confessor’, was too ill to attend the ceremony. We understand, from previous Court bulletins, that the King’s health had been failing for some time, but today rumours ran swiftly through the crowds that his illness seemed to be more serious than first thought.

Inside sources close to the King appear to be greatly concerned and some believe that the King may not have long to live.

God bless the King.

Political Comment

There is no doubt that King Edward, the Confessor, has been good for England.

He has led this country well, is popular with all his subjects and will leave us with memories of his virtue and of his devotion to religion.

Militarily, he has had to rely on Wessex to maintain power.

We have enjoyed comparative peace in our time but his death may create a power vacuum unless a strong leader steps forward to become King.We are all aware of his childlessness and there has been criticism of the King in certain quarters, over his indecision as to who will succeed him.

Sources close to the King indicate that there are three candidates who all believe that they have the right of accession and a valid claim to the throne.

The Struggle for England – who will be King? Times Editorial

There are three candidates that we believe will put their names forward to be King following the death of King Edward, the Confessor.

All three believe that that they have strong claims to the throne but only the Saxon, Harold Godwinson, Earl of Wessex, has so far issued a party manifesto.

From all the rumours circulating it does not need much imagination to identify how the other two will rule Saxon England but we can make no judgements on the grounds of our media impartiality.

Ultimately, the next King will be chosen by the Witan, the Saxon Parliament and crowned in the new Westminster Abbey.

God be with us.


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