1066 Harold’s Way

Walk 3 Lesnes Abbey to Dartford

Walk 3 Footpath Report 

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Update to November 2013 Footpath  Report

I checked out DB1 over the weekend and have submitted my report to KCC (below). I believe the gates have been broken by motorcyclists intent on getting onto the Darenth Valley Path and the marshes. I didn’t have a problem getting past the oil drums but were put there by the farmer to (a) stop his cattle wandering through the underpass and (b) to prevent access by motorcyclists on his land, but are in effect an obstruction. No doubt KCC will take remedial action as part of capital funding.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention.


Bill  (Ramblers Association Footpath Officer for Dartford & Gravesham)

To Public Rights of Way Team, Kent CC            Details (Ref: PROW391010)

Fault Category Gate                      Fault Type Missing

Details Footpath DB1.

The two gates either side of the underpass of Bob Dunn Way alongside the River Darent are missing and obstructed by oil drums filled with bricks/concrete etc.

2 thoughts on “1066 Harold’s Way

  1. The underpass isn’t actually blocked. I walked through there yesterday with no problems at all – the gates are missing and an oil drum full of bricks has been put in place at both entrances – but, unless you’re a bull/cow/horse, it doesn’t prevent you from using the underpass.

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