1066 Harold’s Way

Vince completes:          Dartford to Rochester Walks 4 and 5

I had some difficulties getting out of Dartford as the subways and the underpass were flooded. All in all they were really enjoyable walks although it did go a bit awry in the woods at the back of the Darnley Mausoleum where, because of the mud, the junctions weren’t easily identified – so a re-walk of 20 mins or so meant that I got into Rochester a little later than planned [the picture of the castle from the road bridge is evidence of that!].

IMG_2701  IMG_2703

IMG_2706  IMG_2710


Thank you for the good photos and you do get a feel for the conditions especially when the last photo was 5.22 pm and getting dark. You deserved a pint if not just to get warm.

You have captured the ‘Sentinels’ at Jeskyns Country Park very well and the shadows prove that it was not all doom.

To help waymark the path behind the Mausoleum, I put yellow tape on the trees as a guide but I guess the tape has either been removed or worn away. I will be walking the route again next month and will renew the tape – thanks for the note.

Stickers for Walks 4 and 5 are in the post.


IMG_2713  IMG_2716  IMG_2718

IMG_2721  IMG_2723

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