1066 Harold’s Way

Walk 6 Rochester to Maidstone Archbishop’s Palace

Saturday March 1st

After all the recent rain, Walk 6 was approached with a little trepidation but the River Medway had subsided sufficiently to complete the walk into Maidstone. There was still some water underfoot but but nothing like the conditions last month when the towpath was under water necessitating long detours.

It was a typical Harold’s Way blue sky day, cool but the climb up onto the North Downs warmed everyone up and the sun shone over the picnic tables at Bluebell Hill.

The most difficult conditions were reserved for the Pilgrim’s Way on the descent from Bluebell Hill. The path was heavily rutted from the rain, mountain bikes, motorbikes or a combination of all three that had left the path with deep and wide puddles to negotiate with some difficulty and although no one fell in it was a close run thing.

And on to Cobtree Manor Park which has seen some recent changes with a wonderful wooden fort being built, a large ‘toy’ train and all watched over by ‘Aslan’ sitting at the top of the hill.

Tea was taken before the short walk for a beer stop by the river at the Malta Inn and on to Maidstone. Drakes Cork and Cask had suffered when the River Medway broke it’s banks and we were directed to The Druids Arms on Earl Street, ME14 1PP, to celebrate Jim completing his final section and the award of his Certificate.

Well done Jim

IMGP2006  IMGP2011  IMGP2016 IMGP2021  IMGP2028  IMGP2032

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