Three Castles and an Ironmaster’s House

The perils of a little too  much research!

Between Sandhurst and Benenden, the route of Three Castles takes us first through a vineyard and then a hopfield.

The time I first walked the route they were both just comments, words on a page but further research revealed that rather than the grapes and the hops being sent away to an anonymous brewer or winery, they were in fact made into wine and beer locally.

You must imagine that further research is being undertaken with more than a little relish.

Sandhurst Vinyards, of Hoads Farm, Crouch Lane, Sandhurst produce a white, a red and a rose wine and Sandhurst Beer brewed from their own hop varieties that can all be bought locally.

Beer notes, the Sandhurst Epic proved to be a light refreshing bitter beer and the Tradition a darker and less sharp taste. Still to try is the Sandhurst Legend.

Wine notes will follow later

IMGP2033 - small

All gone but the research was worth it, a burden that I just had to bear.

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