1066 Harold’s Way

Vince finishes 1066 Harold’s Way

Vince Elphick from Ashford, Middlesex completed his final walk from Sandhurst to Battle Abbey last Saturday, 8th March 2014, to finish his 100 mile journey from Westminster Abbey that started on the 20th December 2013.

To say the weather has been mixed is an understatement but Vince persevered through the floods and the rain from his home in Middlesex. Highlights of the walk included the North Downs and the final section through Bodiam Castle and Sedlescombe.

Vince was able to travel to the start and finish of each section by train from London and local bus services in Kent and East Sussex where necessary.

Vince said of 1066 Harold’s Way:

“I have to say that you left the best until last – a beautiful day and the most fantastic scenery, only topped by a few jars with the author in the Battle Abbey pub next to Battle Abbey.

This has been a wonderful journey for me; what started in the misery of the floods in January has blossomed into a touch of real England in early spring.

I will take away many memories of 1066 Harold’s Way – all good I might add – and look forward to doing it again next year.

I plan to do this walk for each of the seasons; this year it was probably the worst winter on record, next year I shall do it in summer when I am sure the landscape will be seen to much better effect.”

Vince received his certificate from David Clarke, the author, on completing 1066 Harold’s Way in the Battle Abbey pub over his well deserved pint.

Well done Vince

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One thought on “1066 Harold’s Way

  1. Well done Vince. All of us who have finished Harolds Way before you have done so over a long period of time and, generally speaking, in far better weather. You are to be congratulated for your intrepid endeavours.

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