Greenwich to Dartford

18th May

Bob Burstow posted on 1066 Harold’s Way’s timeline

“So it is the hottest day of the year and an early start gets me to Greenwich at 8.30.

Followed the route all the way round the Greenwich Peninsula, the industrial heritage is disappearing under piles of new apartments, but interesting to see the change.

On to Woolwich and up into Charlton Park so many guys playing football in this heat! and on to Plumstead Common, and into Bostall Woods. Eventually reached Lesnes Abbey at 12.

Perfect timing! sit and have lunch, and take the boots and socks off to air the feet! I know its hot as I’m getting through my water (2L hydropack and 1/2L bottle and 1L coffee).

So off again to Dartford. Get to Erith, and make use of the shops to top up on fluid. Get down to the marshes, shame about the motor dirt bikes blasting around on this section, even on the road to Crayford Ness. Oh well, and on to the marshes and the noise of shotguns and dirt bikes. Finally got to Dartford at 3.30. Nice walk, minor blisters. My first section (as I had done the Thames Path to Greenwich) done.

Next Sunday, Dartford to Rochester is planned.”

Thanks Bob for this post, you have earned your 1066 Harold’s Way Passport and Stickers for Walks 1 to 3.

Walk 2 The Shining  Walk 2 Steps Plumstead Common  Walk 3 Erith mud  PHOT0004.JPG

Thames Barrier, Plumstead Common, Erith Riverside, Cray Marshes

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