1066 Harold’s Way

10th June 2014

Bodiam Castle, National Trust have advised me that they now stock ‘1066 Harold’s Way’.

Bodiam Castle is a key milestone on the route of 1066 Harold’s Way and the finishing point for Walk 9, Sissinghurst Castle NT to Bodiam Castle and the start of the final section to Battle Abbey.

In 1066, there was no castle and the valley of the River Brede was part of the great Appledore Estuary that stretched to the join the sea at Rye. It is probable that King Harold and his army crossed the Appledore Estuary at Bodiam, using the old Roman causeway, before the final climb up to Caldbec Hill on the eve of the Battle of Hastings, 14th October 1066.

‘1066 Harold’s Way’ (the guidebook to the complete walk) is available for purchase in the Castle Gift Shop at Bodiam Castle, NT.


IMGP1840  Walk 9 Bodiam Castle

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