1066 Harold’s Way


Jeremy Gilliard of Calton Ramblers, Dulwich, SE London e-mailed to advise that Calton Ramblers intend to walk 1066 Harold’s Way in full, over the next two years. Calton are a very active walking group with a large membership and it will provide a significant boost to the numbers walking 1066 Harold’s Way and to the businesses along the route.

They have already walked some of the stages and ‘stickers’ and Passports will be e-mailed out to acknowledge their progress.

Calton Ramblers wrote:

‘David Clarke is a keen walker and his book ‘1066 Harold’s Way’ is a new 100 mile walk from Westminster Abbey to Battle Abbey, East Sussex tracing the probable route of King Harold’s journey to the Battle of Hastings.

There are 11 bite size walks of around 10 mile each plus transport links i.e. train stations.

For most of these walks we can travel by train from London Bridge. I would hope that we will walk some of the other 9 stages during the next 2 years and that David might lead some of the walks as well as joining us on our normal outings.  You can also lead one of the 1066 walks.’  


Well done to Calton Ramblers.


Walk 1 label  Walk 2 label

2 thoughts on “1066 Harold’s Way

  1. I have just completed the walk together with a cousin of mine. Great walking but after Dartford the path was very badly marked and maintained. Waist high nettles and thorns made it rather uncomfortable at times.

    • Thanks for the update about the footpaths.
      If you can let me know the details and locations of the footpath problems I can pass them on to the local Ramblers Footpath Officer.
      Secondly, if you and your cousin have completed 1066 Harold’s Way I would like to include you on the Honours Board – again first and last names would be appreciated and the date that you finished the walk.

      e-mail: historywalks@aol.co.uk

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