Cornish Coastal Path

Tuesday April 29th

Kynance Cove to Coverack

11½ miles

Just a little late in posting this walk but being in France during May gave little chance to write about the latest section that Hannah and I walked. Last year’s walk was overcome by thick fog and an executive decision was taken to head straight for the pub at Kynance for a little rest and restitution and to take the weight of Alex’s blisters and my knees (Alex is the eldest daughter, Hannah the youngest).

This year it was bright and warm and we could enjoy the spectacle of walking around to The Lizard. There were fewer ups and downs than last year although in places the path was narrow and at time overgrown. Occasional re-routes were necessary because of the winter’s storms but the going was good and the views spectacular.

Coffee stop at the picturesque Cadgwith sustained us through Poltesco and Kennack Sands until we found a suitable rock for a picnic lunch, looking towards the Fort and Black Head. After Black Head, the left knee began to ache and progress downhill became a little painful but a pint or two at The Paris, on the harbour wall at Coverack, seemed to do the trick.

We passed many walkers, some serious and always willing to pass the time of day, others not so and they did lack some of the path etiquette and politeness. I do expect a smile and a nod and even a few words but many were distinctly unfriendly – perhaps the day out was a chore rather than something to be enjoyed.

Luckily, the knee has recovered for all the June walking but there will be a test this weekend, Saturday 21st June with a hilly walk from Cranbrook to Lamberhurst that is part of Three Castles and an Ironmaster’s House.

PS: Knee fine today after yesterday’s Three Castles walk – walk will be reported later this week, but it was a hot day for us all.

a IMGP2190  b IMGP2191

c IMGP2194  d IMGP2200

e IMGP2204  f IMGP2207

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