1066 Harold’s Way, The Final Journey

Furnace Cottage, Netherfield to Rushlake Green

In the valley of the Ash Bourne, on the descent from Netherfield lies Furnace Cottage shown on the OS Map 124 as the site of Ironworks. I have already commented on the green lane that I had followed from Netherfield which was the old road that linked the village to the Furnace.

My first thoughts were that this was part of the famous Ashburnham Forge, the last forge to produce iron in the Weald, ceasing production in 1813, although, the forge continued for another 15 years or so.

I have found the following links that confirm that Furnace Cottage was part of Ashburnham Forge, old photographs of Pay Cottage(Furnace Cottage) and one of the bridge over the ford which we cross on the way to Rushlake Green.



It is all a little after King Harold’s body passed along the way but it adds a little extra interest to the story.

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