1066 Harold’s Way

The Greater London National Park will encourage and inspire people to enjoy all that London has to offer.

The Green spaces link the City to the countryside and 1066 Harold’s Way links Westminster to Battle Abbey, East Sussex.

With 1066 Harold’s Way one of only five long distance trails that start from the centre of London, History Walks and 1066 Harold’s Way support and have contributed to the idea of the Greater London National Park.

I wish the Greater London National Park every success


1066 Harold’s Way starts at Westminster Abbey and follows the Thames Path to Greenwich and the Thames Barrier before leaving the river and following footpaths through Marryon Park, Marryon Johnson Park, Charlton Park, Plumstead Common, Bostall Woods, Bostall Heath, Lesnes Abbey Woods, Franks Park, Erith Riverside and Cray Marshes to Dartford.

1066 Harold’s Way continues to Rochester, Maidstone and south to Bodiam Castle and Battle Abbey.

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