The Woodcock, Iden Green



That desire to do something, especially something wrong or unwise.

It can also suggest that it can be a thing that attracts or tempts someone suggesting enticement, seduction, a draw or a pull or equally an invitation.

And that to me sums up The Woodcock, a walk leaders nightmare, the pub that no one wants to leave. Believe me it is that good.

And the good and righteous of Iden Green realised what a draw the pub would be and banished it out a mile away from the village down a narrow country lane but the villagers I spoke to know the back way – just 5 minutes down this path and I followed their admission.

On 1066 Harold’s Way, there are still 6 miles to walk to Bodiam Castle, up hill and down dale and across the Kent Ditch. King Harold and his men walked this stretch but The Woodcock wasn’t open then.

And when planning Three Castles and an Ironmaster’s House, I made sure that the route passed The Woodcock after all, I get to choose the route.

IMGP2131Mind your heads, the beams are low and on cold days there’s a fire lit and on warm days, there is the garden to enjoy.

The usual Greene King IPA and Abbot with Morland and a guest, all on handpump and well kept. More often than not, one of Goacher’s beers has been the special.

I can vouch for the food – excellent and the Raspberry Pavlova is to die for but that was not on a walking day.

Lunchtime, on an Autumn day, sitting around the fire, talking amongst friends, savouring the atmosphere, those doubts creep in but be strong continue the walk for The Woodcock will be there for another day.

The Woodcock is just one of the many excellent pubs and inns on 1066 Harold’s Way and Three Castles and an Ironmaster’s House – more to follow.

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