Westminster to Greenwich

The Walk in Pictures  1066 Harold’s Way, Walk 1

The Victoria Embankment

4 Embanment Gardens 5 Thames Embankment


In deciding the route of 1066 Harold’s Way, and for the sake of my own personal enjoyment, I choose the North Bank to cross the Thames at the iconic London Bridge. With the crowds mostly on the South Bank and only morning joggers to avoid, the Victoria Embankment is a delight whatever the weather.

The Victoria Embankment dates from 1870 and covered the new sewer for a healthier London, a cleaner Thames and the new District Line Underground. Gardens and walkways were created and the new road relieved the notorious congestion on The Strand and Fleet Street.

Through the gardens and Canary Wharf comes into view, it will serve as a marker for the first part of this walk and the Shard on the South Bank, 1016ft high, arrows into the sky and transforms the South Bank.

Along St Pauls Walk and under the Millennium Bridge, with its glimpse of St Pauls up the steps to the left, to follow the Thames Path to Queenhithe that was London’s dock even before William built the Tower. Queenhithe was first mentioned in 899 and it was certainly there in Harold’s time.

6 The Shard 7 St Pauls

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