The St Leonard, St Leonard’s on Sea

‘As I Walked Out One Summer’s Morning’ must be one of the finest titles ever created. The title encompasses that spirit of adventure that all walkers must feel when setting out on their own voyage of discovery.

I have read and re-read Laurie’s books and other’s, such as Honor Tracy’s ‘Silk Hats and No Breakfast’ about a different Spain and their observations and comments about their surroundings and their conversations with local people, bring to life their journeys.

They lay down a marker for all writers.

One thing that was constant was that they both found a bar or inn that would help them put the world to rights and their thoughts in order.

Later, The Woolpack in Slad, Gloucestershire, would become synonymous with Laurie Lee musing over a pint.

The Independent wrote of The Woolpack, ‘The roadside pub isn’t a conventional beauty from the outside, but step through the door and you’re in a place creaking with atmosphere. There are old settles, wooden floors………’

I haven’t walked as far as Laurie Lee but a pint in The St Leonard, creaking with atmosphere, old settles, wooden floors and life, still helps the musings for a new 1066 Harold’s Way book of ‘Circular Walks around Hastings and Battle’ – three down, five to go.

The St Leonard is not some country pub but a warm and friendly town pub on London Road in St Leonard’s on Sea.

On my last visit two weeks ago, I tried Brighton Bier South Coast IPA 5%, St Austell Trelawny 3.8%, Hogs Back TEA 4.2% and a taste of Prehistoric Amber 4.5%.

All were well conditioned and well kept but on the next visit, they will all have changed.

There is popcorn served with drinks and a food tasting menu available that included sausage rolls, scotch eggs, charcuterie plate and pork pies.

There is always a welcome Wednesday to Sunday and it is one to visit to drink a pint and to sit and think after all, they say that there is a book in us all!


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