Westminster to Greenwich

My Chicago Girl

Approaching Bermondsey, I saw a young woman in jeans and with a daypack, following a similar route. I stopped for photographs and to enjoy the history and she moved in front and as she checked her map I passed her. Opposite Limehouse we stopped together. She was from Chicago, having an away day without the safety of the rest of her group and said

“There is nothing much to see here – it’s a bit boring, I expected more”.

“There is all this history” I said enthusiastically. “Opposite is Limehouse, the China Town of old, the dross of the world docked here, opium dens, Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Fu-Manchu. You’ve passed Execution Dock where pirates were hanged, references to the Mayflower and the Pilgrim Fathers, the pub where Paul McCartney recorded music, the Kings Steps and Brunel and the last voyage of the Fighting Temeraire. The Saxon fleet sailed by here in 1066 before the Battle of Hastings. And when you get to Greenwich…”

She produced one of those little fold out maps of London.

“Oh, I expected all those Bridges, the Wheel and Big Ben, where am I?”

She turned and started the long hot walk back into tourism. I hope that she told the rest of her party of her journey into the unknown.

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