I value the countryside and the preservation of rural England should be a priority for us all.

For my voice to be heard, I have joined the CPRE Sussex Countryside Trust to ensure that the landscapes that are enjoyed on all my History Walks, continue to be enjoyed in the future.

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1 Progress for Sussex

We believe in a holistic vision for town and country, liberating brownfield sites for regeneration, promoting high quality design, excellent environmental standards and distinctive places.

2 Housing for everyone

We believe that in rural areas genuinely affordable housing developed by local providers, in

tune with the character of villages and towns, should be the priority over sprawling market housing developments in the countryside.

3 Active Citizenship

Local people must have a strong voice to ensure future-proofed decisions: innovatively designed development with excellent environmental standards, in the right place, to meet people’s needs.

4 New sense of stewardship

Funding schemes that support farmers to nurture biodiversity and protect the environment must be strengthened, enhanced and monitored to make sure they produce the results we all want.

5 Getting around lightly

Positive investment in sustainable transport is the responsible way to better connect Sussex, avoiding unnecessarily damaging airport and road expansion.

6 Energy for the future

For a positive future, energy developments must be well planned and policed to avoid irreversibly damaged industrialised landscapes.

The health and wellbeing of people, wildlife and natural eco-systems, and best agricultural land for future food security must surely come first.

CPRE Sussex Countryside Trust

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  1. Three Castles and an Ironmaster’s House, looking south-east from Brightling
  2. Three Castles and an Ironmaster’s House, near Bateman’s
  3. 1066 Harold’s Way, Barnes’s Wood, near Cripps Corner
  4. 1066 Harold’s Way, near Sedlescombe

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