Greenwich to the Thames Barrier

The Walk in Pictures, 1066 Harold’s Way Walk 2

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b The Shining b View of the Dome from the Thames Barrier - Copy

From the magnificence of Greenwich to the iconic steel hoods of the Thames Barrier shining in the sunlight, a broad walkway allows you to stroll next to a much wider river than before. Working wharves line the riverside giving an industrial air to the area and the occasional decaying pier or warehouse only serves as a reminder that London was once the busiest port in the world.

Imagine the scene with ships moored all along the Thames up to London Bridge, all the hustle and bustle of cargos from all around the world being unloaded, helping an older London expand to meet new needs. The wharves now lie mostly idle, larger ships need deeper water and the Port has moved to Tilbury, further down the river, but there is still the feeling of a history to follow in every step you take along the Thames Path.

This industrial South Bank is losing its history, identity and industry in favour of flats and apartments and a new ‘prosperity’ that began with the 2012 Olympics and this section of the Thames Path will appear very different in future. Factory walls and chimneys have been demolished opening up the view towards our immediate destination, the O2 Arena or ‘Millennium Dome’, built to celebrate the dawn of a new millennium.

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