The Thames Barrier to Lesnes Abbey

The Walk in Pictures, 1066 Harold’s Way Walk 2

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The second part of this walk is away from the river, walking through parks and ancient woodland that have survived for a thousand years, a world distant from the streets of . So beautiful are the trees and trails, and the solitude and inspiration they provide, that it is hard to imagine how close you are to the City.

We are surrounded by broad leaved trees and regrettably there are no views of London but the tracks that we follow may be reminiscent of the forests of Andreasweald, a 1000 years ago – imagination is a wonderful thing and takes the mind off the labours of 1066 Harold’s Way under a hot sun.

Those broad leaved trees do give the impression that you are walking along some ancient trackway similar to the tracks that Harold may have followed. It is a world away from today’s Watling Street to the south, for which we should be thankful. I know that it is not following the exact footsteps of Harold but this is an altogether much more delightful route

This section follows the Green Chain Walk to Lesnes Abbey and continues towards Erith and Dartford. Both are well signposted but occasionally the instructions and waymarks are less clear.

d IMGP0385 e IMGP0391

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