Three Castles and an Ironmaster’s House e-book


In the run up to publication of the paperback version of the Three Castles Guidebook, scheduled for 28th May 2015, Three Castles and an Ironmaster’s House has been issued as an e-book.

3Cs Cover

Available for download through Amazon and from Bretwalda Books.

Amazon      Bretwalda


It was a real pleasure to do this walk first on my own, discovering and exploring the beautiful countryside of the High Weald and then with my merry band of History Walkers who vetted and confirmed the route.

I rarely met anyone else on my walks through this unspoilt countryside and the old roads and paths on which I walked were all reminiscent of an age without the car.

Research uncovered such a rich and varied history that it gave me the impetus to want to write this guidebook and to share my experiences with others.

After a pint in the pub at the end of each section, and there were many great pubs that definitely warranted another visit, I returned home full of the stories of the walk and ready for the next adventure.

I hope that you enjoy this walk as much as I did.

Happy Walking


St Leonards on Sea, October 2014

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