The Saxon Times, November 1066


Employment Opportunity

Job Advert Varengian Guard

Join The Varangian Guard

There will be no place for Saxons, under Norman rule. Your Saxon land will be confiscated.  You will just be a slave to a feudal Norman lord. We Saxons no longer have a homeland. You have lost your King and your country.

Are you one of the many fighting men who have lost your lands and your former masters? Are you looking for a living elsewhere?

It is time for you to think about your future. The Byzantine Empire needs men like you. Fighting men with a tradition of faithful oath bound service.

Join me in a new adventure overseas to discover foreign lands. Join me and retain our Saxon heritage. You will find refuge and employment in Constantinople.  

The Varangian Guard is looking to recruit Anglo-Saxons and ‘others who had suffered at the hands of the Vikings and their cousins the Normans’.

Offer your arms to a man of great wisdom and nobility, Constantine, Emperor of Constantinople,

Job Description

  • The Varangians serve as the personal life guards to the emperor.
  • You will swear an oath of loyalty to him. 
  • Your formal duties will be within the imperial ritual.
  • You will act as both ceremonial retainers and acclaimers of the Emperor. 
  • You will defend against plots and punish conspirators.
  • You may be called upon to act as avengers and/or executioners of persons threatening sedition, rebellion or treason against imperial authority. 
  • You will be have extensive military duties, either when the emperor is on campaign, or on detached service with the imperial armies.
  • You will be based in Constantinople.

Employment Benefits

  • You will be allowed retain your Saxon heritage, your class structure and your religion.
  • You will have new career that is hugely rewarding
  • Job satisfaction guaranteed with excellent pay and benefits.
  • Weapons and uniforms are provided.
  • Accommodation and food is all found.
  • You will receive a generous daily allowance.
  • You will have the opportunity to increase your wealth through your campaign service.
  • It will offer you the chance to work alongside people you trust and respect.


In person to the dockside, Exmouth Point.

No experience necessary but knowledge of weapons and battle would be an advantage.

Priority will be given to veterans of the recent campaigns against Hardrada at York and William at Senlac.

Passage is free but you will need to provide for your food during the voyage to Constantinople.

Note: the complete Saxon Times will be published by Bretwalda Books in Spring 2016

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