The Saxon Times September 1066

The Amazing Harold Godwinson Rides to the Rescue

By the 13th September, riders have alerted the King, in Bosham, about the invasion.

Such decisiveness shown by our King brings strength to the people and already, some are calling him the new ‘Alfred The Great’.

When King Harold Godwinson first receives the news about the northern invasion he immediately rides to the Capital, London and the heart of the Realm.

By the 15th September, the Fyrd has been called to arms and summoned once again to defend the country.

The distance the King has already travelled and the speed with which the army has been mobilised brings with them the sense that England can and will defeat any foreign invader.

Long Live King Harold

Sep Godric Boots

Note: the complete Saxon Times for the year 1066 will be published by Bretwalda Books in Spring 2016.

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