Maidstone to Staplehurst

IMGP0450   Maidstone

1066 Harold’s Way Walk 7

It must have been blessed relief for the soldiers of Rome and of King Harold to finally arrive at the Low Weald.

A few miles of flat land would ease the aching legs of the army after the climb up and over the North Downs. The line of the Roman road remains visible on its descent from the ragstone ridge into the Low Weald in Kent.

First, the jewel that is the Loose Valley Conservation Area and no more beautiful start to a walk.

IMGP0470   Loose

Climb up to the ridge where the Romans quarried the ragstone 2000 years ago and hauled it along the road to help build London.

IMGP0460    IMGP0243 

The finish is at gives refreshment before train and bus connections.

Walk 7 label

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Walk 7 Walk Report



Loose The Chequers

Rabbit’s Cross The Lord Raglan

Staplehurst The Railway Tavern


Southeastern Trains from London Bridge to Maidstone, return from Staplehurst.

1066 Walks

1066 Harold’s Way is a 100 mile long distance walk, accessible by public transport, devised, created and written to follow King Harold II on his epic journey from Westminster Abbey to Battle. There are castles and battle sites, rivers, streams and valleys to cross, forests to forge and hills to climb, Roman roads, green lanes and ancient foot-paths to walk.

Celebrate the 950th Anniversary of the Battle of Hastings in 2016 and walk 1066 Harold’s Way.

In 2017, the second walk, ‘1066 Harold’s Way The Final Journey’, will be published. This will be a walk from Battle Abbey to Bosham that will follow the progress of the funeral cortege of King Harold II after the Battle of Hasting. It is a new 80 mile long distance path that will traverse Sussex from east to west, along Saxon trackways and Roman roads that follows a legend that he was first laid to rest at Bosham, near Chichester. It is a good story and a good walk.

For more information visit:

1066 Harold’s Way

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