They Collected All The Stickers

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A Just Reward

Beer, a certificate and just happy to finish this 55 mile circular walk in Kent and East Sussex between the four National Trust properties of Bodiam Castle, Sissinghurst Castle, Scotney Castle and Bateman’s that make up Three Castles and an Ironmaster’s House.

The first full walk through, divided into five sections, was completed in 2014, to check that the walk worked before publication that resulted in some minor adjustments to the route.

It was a good walk and there was hardly any rain and for most of the time it was warm and not unsurprisingly it was hot for all the steeper climbs.

We always ended in a pub garden to toast the walk, issue stickers for the passports and plan the next walk. For the final two sections we were joined by Judy and Daphne, dog walking Poppy and Shadow, who would all go on to complete the full walk in 2015.

Highlights were the views, the history, the watering holes and the Castles, picnics along the way and friendships renewed between walkers from Derby, London and closer to home, Ewhurst Green and Flimwell. The low points were the steep climb up to Burwash after a long walk on a hot day and the jungle that is called Darwell Reservoir Woods. Both routes were subsequently changed for more enjoyable paths.

They were all good pubs and a toast to you all, but some touched the spot on the day and they were The Swan at Sandhurst, The White Hart Cranbrook on Hannah’s birthday, The Globe and Rainbow at Kilndown on a hot Saturday and Robertsbridge’s unique and atmospheric Ostrich.

Walking Three Castle and an Ironmaster’s House experiences the unique history and beauty of the High Weald.

Enjoy the time exploring the castles and houses and towns and villages along the route and follow the progress of a changing industrial landscape from agriculture to iron, to sheep, to the woollen trade, smuggling, hopfields and back to agriculture.

I walked it because of the history but you can walk it as you want, in short stages, long stages or even all in one go. Whatever you do the High Weald is there to be enjoyed.

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pub 20140816_171948  pub 20140816_190744

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