West Minster Abbey Set For Consecration

Saxon Times 24 December 1065

The New West Minster Abbey Set For Consecration.

The Day Has Finally Arrived.

 From Our Court Correspondent, Eadgar of West Minster

Finally, the finishing touches are being made to the new West Minster Abbey in readiness for the consecration set for Wednesday 28th December 1065.

It is likely to be a truly magnificent occasion with an invited guest list that includes all the rich and powerful of this great island state.

Since the project to build the new West Minster Abbey at Thorney Island was first put forward by King Edward the Confessor, there has been delay after delay through constant changes to the plans, bad weather, problems with foreign labour, skilled staff shortages and rising costs.

The longer the build went on the more problematic it became and has taken money away from other much needed projects such as the defence of the realm, which has been left very much in the capable hands of the Earl of Wessex.

Despite the fears of all but the King, the Abbey is now ready for consecration although the final fitting out internally will continue for some time thereafter.

Long Live the King

Travel Advice

For those who wish to watch this spectacle, it is advised to leave London by the Ludgate and follow the road above the River Thames to Thorney Island and the Palace of West Minster.

From the south of the Thames, it is recommended to cross London Bridge and follow the above route as the ferry across to Thorney Island from the south bank is likely to be heavily congested.


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