On This Day, 28th December 1065

Saxon Times 29 Dec 1065

West Minster Abbey Consecrated

From Our Court Correspondent, Eadgar of West Minster

Twenty years after the King Edward the Confessor first commissioned the building of a new abbey at Thorney Island, the West Minster Abbey was finally consecrated yesterday. a Westminster Abbey Drawing HR The King did not attend the ceremony and inside sources close to the King appear to be greatly concerned at the King’s health and some fear that the King may not have long to live.

God bless the King.

The Rightful Heir Ignored

The rightful heir to the throne is Edgar the Ætheling who is only ten years old but, in view of the parlous state of the realm, it is unlikely that he will be asked by the Witan to become King.

Political Comment

The Editor

There is little doubt amongst the Court that these are the last days of King Edward the Confessor.

However, as King Edward grows weaker by the day, and without an heir to succeed him, the achievements of Harold Godwinson cannot be overlooked.

Witan Meet To Confirm The Succession

These thirty to forty members of the Anglo-Saxon nobility, that make up The Witan are already assembled in London and in view of the King’s health will stay in the capital should it be necessary to nominate the next King of England.

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