On This Day, 30th December 1065

Saxon Times 30 Dec 1065

A Death Wish

A Court Bulletin confirms the continued concern for the health of King Edward the Confessor. According to those close to Harold, King Edward spoke to Earl Godwinson of his fears for the future and said; “I commend my wife and all my kingdom to your care”.

The Struggle for England – The Candidates  By Our Political Editor Cenred of Ely

Harold Godwinson, Earl of Wessex, Anglo-Saxon.

William of Normandy, Duke of Normandy, Resident of Normandy.

Harold Hardrada, King of Norway, Resident of Norway

Times Editorial: Who Will Be King?

All three believe that that they have strong claims to the throne but only the Saxon, Harold Godwinson, Earl of Wessex, has so far issued a party manifesto.

Decisions, Decisions

The remaining two candidates offer closer ties with Europe, both politically and economically. However, it is likely that they will impose their own laws and taxes and ultimately the control of the Anglo-Saxon state will pass overseas.

b Map N Europe v3 HR Shaded -

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