Tomorrow will be a GOOD day

Tomorrow is Street Market Day.

Tomorrow will be a good day to walk ‘The Secret St Leonards Walking Trail’

Tomorrow is a day for celebration.


There is more to St Leonards on Sea than the Promenade.

There is much to admire along the front but hidden away behind the houses in St Leonards on Sea, is a story of a dream to build a New Town which in 1841 was said that “None but the unrivalled crescents of Bath and Bristol is superior to the Marina of St Leonards”.

The trail leads through the regency splendour for the rich and wealthy and on past Mercatoria and Lavateria, built to service the grand houses, with the finish at Warrior Square Station.

There are lots of stories to tell on this History Walk that looks behind the scenes of a re-invigorated St Leonards on Sea.

There are lots of places to eat and drink, buy ice creams, rummage amongst the antiques shops, look at the galleries, browse in bookshops or to just enjoy the walk on the Secret St Leonards Walking Trail.

King Street Market is open the first Saturday in the month but

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