Striding Out

Walking Staplehurst to Sissinghurst

Walk 8 Poster

It was a hot August day and the wheat was popping as Jim and Sean made light work of this short rise up towards the lane to Frittenden.

It was a day made for picnic lunches and ice creams.

For those who have already walked all or part of 1066 Harold’s Way, I hope that these posters will bring back memories for you. For those of you who have yet to experience the walk from Westminster Abbey to Battle Abbey, I hope that they will show you what is in store for you along the way, in this anniversary year, after all we will be celebrating 950 years since the Battle of Hasting was fought on Senlac Hill.

These photographs of 1066 Harold’s Way all have their own special memories and a unique quality that for me, encapsulates the experiences of walking 1066 Harold’s Way.


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