The Further Adventures of Javier and Gavin

1066 Harold’s Way

Walking Maidstone to Sissinghurst

Hi Javier,

I’m glad that the leg is all good again and that you are back walking.

Great film and it certainly seemed a moody day. I noticed some new fences and some paths cleared but as always there are paths that are not up to the usual standard. Thanks for reporting the obstacles.


I’m sure that the film it will bring back many happy memories to all those who have walked 1066 Harold’s Way and perhaps those who plan to walk the route in the future – I’ve posted the link to the History Walks Blog.

15th October is a fitting date to finish as it is the 950th Anniversary weekend for the Battle of Hastings.

Here is the important bit – stickers attached.

Best regards


clip_image002  clip_image002[4]

Hi David,

I have recovered so Gavin and I have done two more stages last Saturday. I have reported to the Ramblers one of the paths because the farmer is growing sweetcorn without keeping the path, on another path there was a locked gate and another path was heavily overgrown. We’ll do the last 2 stages probably on 15th October.

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