A Triumph over Adversity

Congratulations to St Stephen’s Walking Group, Tonbridge

Dear David,

I thought I would send you a brief note to thank you for all the effort you put in to design this walk and how much our group have enjoyed walking it over the past 15 months. The group is called the St Stephen’s Walking Group, associated with St Stephen’s Church Tonbridge and has been in existence for some 33 years. 25 people took part in the LDW and 3 completed it, although some have only missed one or two sections and hope to catch up.

We actually finished on the 7th May 2016 having started on the 21st February 2015. We intersperse a walk like this with other short walks around Tonbridge in the winter, climbing Munros in the spring and usually a holiday, last year and this in Northumbria walking the St Oswald’s Way. I attached an article in our Church Newsletter from last month for interest.

With kind regards

God bless

Rowland Wills

‘Click the pic’ to read the great review of their walk from Sissinghurst Castle to Bodiam Castle in their Newsletter ‘Encompass’

St Stephens


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