1066 – What a Year

It was almost ‘The Complete History of 1066 in 66 minutes’.

It was a light hearted look at the events of that tumultuous year through the eyes of Brother Eadwine of Canterbury, the Editor of The Saxon Times.

It was the first talk in the History House programme for Hastings Week and amongst the audience were The Lady Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Hastings, Councillors Judy Rogers and Nigel Sinden in this important year, the 950th Anniversary of the Battle of Hastings.

In between the serious facts, there were a few smiles and ‘Call a council these days’ and Tostig’s master plan of invading the … Isle of Wight’ raised laughs as did the period adverts for such items as St Leonards Carts and Monks Ales.

Regrettably, the question and answer session was devoted solely to publication, issues of which I am not in control, instead of extension questions on the background to 1066.

Questions ranged from ‘why the book ‘The Saxon Times’ was not available for the talk’, publication has been once again delayed, and that ‘searches against ‘The Saxon Times’ on Amazon came up ‘not found’’.

I promised to let the publisher, Rupert Matthews of Bretwalda Books, know of their concerns.

Nest Talk

David Clarke – The Speakers List:  http://www.thespeakerslist.com/speakers-c-d.html

One thought on “1066 – What a Year

  1. Hi David Great to hear that the talk went well, other than the non-appearance of The Saxon Times. I’m hoping that you have by now received a suitably grovelling apology from the publisher who has, in the process, shot himself in the foot (with an arrow!). Regards JIM

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