Walking to Battle

It was a busy time on the path from Bodiam Castle as both Battle 41 Club and Battle Ramblers decided that they would celebrate the 950th Anniversary of the Battle of Hastings by walking the final section of 1066 Harold’s Way.

A logistic nightmare as the public transport links between the two would take up more than half a day but all was well after a certain amount of ferrying about.

Battle 41 Club ‘walked the walk’ on Thursday, with a detour to Caldbec Hill to view the camp site on what would have been the night before the battle.

Battle Ramblers walked on the day of the Anniversary, no doubt to avoid the bloodshed of car drivers stuck behind the various parades. Ramblers from far and wide – London, Bexhill -joined the group as did the enemy no doubt on a reconnaissance mission or they got lost on their way from camp in Hastings.

This group of ‘Randonneurs’ from Falaise thoroughly enjoyed the walk and were pleased to receive a copy of 1066 Harold’s Way from the author.

Certificates were presented to Battle 41 in The King’s Head and to Battle Ramblers outside Costa!

1 P1010150 2 P1010153 

3 P1010185  4 P1010189

Steve Hempson-Jones of Battle 41 Club wrote:-

‘Dear Troops

Many thanks to all those of you who joined us on Harold’s Way including spouses and friends and other 41 Clubbers who were there in spirit.

We could not have asked for better weather and fellowship.  The unexpected presentation of a certificate by David Clarke, the author of 1066 Harold’s Way, when he greeted us at The King’s Head was a lovely end to the walk.’

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