I can’t run anywhere!

“Marching all that way from Stamford Bridge and I haven’t got the energy to chase after Bill and his Normans” so said Peter Wheeler at the end of YOMP1066, their contribution to the 950th Anniversary of the Battle of Hastings 1066.

It was an epic adventure, even awesome, with the route of 1066 Harold’s Way followed from London, but at some cost – the blisters were to be seen to be believed.

35 mile days when 30 miles seemed easy and the final 20 miles from Sissinghurst almost a walk in the park.

Planting an apple tree on Caldbec Hill was a masterstroke of forward planning as, one hopes, it will be an old ‘hoar’ apple tree in 50 years time and the meeting point for all Anglo-Saxons.

Well done to Peter and his men and eager to get to the beer, supplied by FILO, and I waited for a few minutes before presenting Peter with his certificate.

b P1010181  a P1010165

1066 Ales 2  1066 Ales

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