Treachery at Berkhamsted

It is now some three weeks since The Saxon Times reported on the duplicity and, some say the downright treachery to the Anglo-Saxon cause, of the Saxon leadership at Berkhamsted.

As the Normans continue their advance on London it is worth reminding ourselves how little we should trust those in power to look after the rights of the common man.

The Selling of A Country

By Cenred of Ely, Political Editor

20th November 1066

With the Duke and Bishop Stigand at their head, this powerful force of Norman knights rode towards Berkhamsted, to the crucial meeting that would decide the fate of Saxon England.

I was on the English side and watched as Archbishop Ealdred went to meet them. Behind were Eadgar the Ætheling and the Earls Edwin and Morcar, all the best men from London.

They gave Duke William hostages and took oaths of fealty and the Duke promised them that he would be a faithful lord to them.

It appears now that London has fallen and the Throne of England has been handed to Duke William without a fight. These men have surrendered our Saxon birthright.

Saxon Times 1066 web

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