Jobs for the Boys


Castle Building At Record High for 1066

Castle 1 (2)

Yet Another Castle to be Built


Duke William’s final orders before leaving Berkhamsted are to build a new motte and bailey castle on the site of the existing Saxon one. This will continue his policy of subjugation that has seen castles built or going to be built at Hastings, Dover, Rochester, Guildford and now Berkhamsted.

This policy must be paid for at some stage, despite the slave labour. It is unlikely to come from his personal wealth and I get the impression that we Saxons will somehow be paying for it ourselves for years to come

Bob the Castle Builder Gets the Job Done

Keeping it in ‘The Family’.

Robert de Mortain, William the Conqueror’s half-brother, will manage the building of Berkhamsted Castle, after which he will become the castle’s owner.

Typical of those Normans, rewriting history.

An extract from The Saxon Times Resources dated 30th November 1066 Issue 55, also available in A4 paperback covering 1066.

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