London is Doomed

The Saxon Times 27TH November 1066



Normans Advance On London

Once again, the Duke issues orders to divide his army to subdue and conquer more of Saxon England. Detachments of Norman troops are sent to control the roads near Cambridge, St. Neots, and Stony Stratford.

Today, the main Norman army moves north along the old Icknield Way, one of the oldest roads in England. The Duke intends to advance into Hertfordshire, first to St Albans and then on to Hertford where the army will regroup for the final assault on London from the north.It is unlikely that there will any resistance, following the Berkhamsted submissions and the tensions of battle have eased from the knights and the men.

One would hope that there will be less barbarity as claims are made for a slice of the wealth of the country – they would not wish to destroy estates that one day may be theirs.

An extract from The Saxon Times Resources dated 30th November 1066 Issue 55, also available in A4 paperback covering 1066.

Also available as a teaching resource from: T.E.S.

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