A bitter pill to swallow just before Christmas

Feverish Activity to Avert the Siege of London


Duke William has already established a makeshift ‘court’ within Hertford Castle and his Knights have requisitioned surrounding houses for the constant meetings and discussions. Over the last few days, your reporters have watched carefully for any indication of how the Normans intend to lay siege to London. Our efforts in watching the castle, almost day and night, are rewarded when Ansgar, Sheriff of London is espied entering the Castle presumably for a secret meeting with Duke William.

Abject Ansgar

“With the Normans closing in on London, Edgar the Atheling’s key supporters behind the city walls are keen to open negotiations with Duke William of Normandy. They are mindful of the destruction of the South in the wake of William’s advance and the need to preserve the City and protect its inhabitants. We have no other choice. The Duke has allowed me to return to London asking that the city’s magnates come to him at Westminster and surrender themselves and the city.”

If what Ansgar said is true, then the capitulation of England is complete. The City has been surrendered and London and England are now seemingly lost.

Talisman 2

An extract from The Saxon Times Resources dated 22nd December 1066 Issue 56, also available in A4 paperback covering 1066.


Also available as a teaching resource from: T.E.S. https://www.tes.com/

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