Treachery at the Ludgate



London has Fallen


The Battle of Ludgate Hill

Two days ago a collaborator opened the Ludgate to the Norman invaders.

In the Battle of Ludgate Hill that followed countless Londoners were slain. It was one final play to deter the Normans from the city, one final glorious act of bravado but it lacked any form of common sense. Although outmanoeuvred and misled, these brave Saxons believed that it would be better to die than to submit to Norman yoke.

Castle to Be Built

Late on 21st December, the city fell and is now under the complete control of Norman soldiers. The city has been occupied by Duke William’s men and their first act is to begin construction of a new motte. It will be built in a commanding position securing both the river crossing and the river itself.

The site chosen is close to London Bridge and the castle will be built inside the city walls. It is intended to dominate the city.

It will be a landmark of Norman supremacy and control over Anglo-Saxon England.

An extract from The Saxon Times Resources dated 22nd December 1066 Issue 56, also available in A4 paperback covering 1066.

Also available as a teaching resource from: T.E.S.

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