King moves to Barking–Is he Mad?


In a surprise move, King William has moved his court to Barking Abbey in Essex.

It is a strange action but I am assured by William of Poitiers that it is in keeping with both the King’s need for safety, his Christian will and it is close to the key old Roman road north.

Conqueror Hides in Nunnery

I have been asked by those close to King William to advise our readers that there is no truth in the rumour that our feared Conqueror has found safety in a nunnery.

The Court has been moved to Barking temporarily whilst several strongholds are made ready in the City. These strongholds are intended as a preventative measure to help safeguard the security of the population of London from insurrection.

Reading between the lines, the Norman Government are wary of the fickleness of a huge and fierce population.

A Disastrous Year

It is now the end of this disastrous year for Saxon England – we have lost our King and our Kingdom and once more England has become a province of the Latin world. But in the meantime, life goes on. Hair combed, beer brewed, bread baked, fuel found and a wise man will hold his tongue.


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Issue 5

Read The Saxon Times for all the stories of 1066.

This page is an extract of a Saxon Times Resource dated 31st December 1066 Issue 58.

Also available as a teaching resource from: T.E.S.

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