The King’s Progress to Senlac 1066

Domesday Map 1 with title

Following the old Roman roads in 1066 would provide King Harold and his army with a reliable route through the great Forest of the Andreasweald.

It was the most likely route to be taken for the Andreasweald was almost impenetrable and it would another 700 years before a reliable road building programme would begin. 

King Harold’s progress would have led him through his lands in Kent and Wessex, along roads punctuated with Anglo-Saxon settlements ‘eager’ to provide sustenance to the King and recruits for the Fyrd.

By the time of Domesday, and the vagaries of the Norman Conquest, many of these settlements were much reduced in size and wealth but still important enough to deserve an entry in the great book and a mark on this map to celebrate the King’s Progress to the Battle of Hastings.

Walking 1066 Harold’s Way is a walk through history.

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