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The North Star and Alexandra Park, Hastings.

Pub Walks in Hastings and St Leonards

Probably one of the best parks in the country.

Venture beyond the wide-open spaces of children running and playing and mums and dads trying to keep up. Cross the road into the beginnings of winding paths and streams that weave between the trees. A miniature railway has occasional outings to the whoops and shouts of its passengers.

Gentle climbs lead you beyond a fishing lake into the beginnings of a steep valley with unmade paths that follow the stream to Old Roar Ghyll – imagining and exploring. There are ferns and overhanging trees, the sound of the water rushing through gullies and a feel of mystery, emphasised by a darkness even in high summer.

Back the same way to walk to the other side of that fishing lake and a track carpeted with leaves. It leads to more black pools surrounded by dark trees and the path climbs but the steepest hill is left to the last to ensure your thirst for a pint at The North Star that is just around the corner.

The return leads you downhill through the trees to that more manicured park, past the café and children’s playground to the gates and full circle’

The North Star is a treat too. A proper pub with little of the 21st century. It was most likely named after the famous railway locomotive built by George Stephenson for the Great Western Railway. At one point, the locomotive was shipped to New Orleans, intended for the New Orleans Railway but the money could not be found to pay for it and it was duly returned. But why The North Star when it was so far from the station? Maybe the link is Joseph Wisden, a former guard on the London, Brighton and South Coast Railway, who built the pub in the late 1860s with steam still running through his veins.

The beer is good too!

Check out the walk on      You Tube

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Pub Walks in Hastings and St Leonards is available from Hastings Tourist Information and from The Bookkeeper, Kings Road, St Leonards and by mail order from www.1066haroldsway.co.uk

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