Rye in Pictures

Rye Cover Mermaid Street v2

Today, Rye’s ancient character is justifiably one of the jewels of the South-East of England if not the country. 900 years of history unfolds, through words and pictures, in this fascinating guide as it explores medieval Rye and its turbulent history.

Rye is for strolling the many cobbled streets with their proud medieval, Tudor, Stuart and Georgian houses, great pubs, a fine church and all the ancient landmarks that make up this unique town.

Rye in Pictures will act as your unspoken guide in making sense of the history of Rye’s medieval streets and buildings and the people that contributed to the wealth and atmosphere of Rye.

Look Inside

Rye in Pictures is intended to spur your imagination as you explore, discover and immerse yourself in this beautiful Town.

Published 16th September 2019 by History Walks

History Walks, Talks and Books – More than just footsteps on a Path.

For more information visit: www.1066haroldsway.co.uk

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