Not too far and not too long

Share in the history of 1066 and the night before the Battle of Hastings with walks to King Harold’s Camp on Caldbec Hill, Duke William’s camp on Telham Hill and to the infamous site of the ‘Malfosse’, the Saxons last ditch attempt to defeat the Norman horde.

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 These two walks form a figure of eight that is designed to allow a little recovery time from the magnificent views and the sometimes steep terrain around Battle.

They also form the ideal basis for two short Pub Walks with Walk 1 finishing at either The Kings Head or The Bull and Walk 2 completed with a pint at either The Senlac (handy for the station), The Chequers or The Abbey.

Catch the train or bus home and it would be the perfect end for a couple of perfect weekend walks around Battle.

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More than just Footsteps on a Path.

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There is more to St Leonards on Sea than the Promenade

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There is more to St Leonards on Sea than the Promenade.

There is much to admire along the front but hidden away behind the houses, on the very edge of the town, is a history that stretches back at least one thousand years.

Landing places for Duke William’s fleet, a Saxon Manor house, the finest race course in the South-East and a Church hidden away in an ancient wood are all part of the legacy of St Leonards on Sea.

Take your time and embrace the history of St Leonards on Sea.

History Walks Talks and Books by David Clarke

History Walks No 1: A Green Walk around St Leonards on Sea – More than just Footsteps on a Path.

Such fun to ride a little train

More Walks around Rye

Walks to Remember

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It would have been such fun to ride a little train from Rye to Camber Sands but now we must imagine the children and their parents with picnics and pop and the golfers for the Golf Links Halt. The rails can still be seen in places on the walk to Camber.

And a walk to a Castle marooned on the Levels and another town, Winchelsea aloof on its hill built to a pattern, safe behind its medieval gates.

And who can resist the climb up Toot Rock to the Lookout Post and imagine being a lookout in the dark days of war, searching the horizon for enemy ships. At low tide the beach reveals a wreck and a submerged ancient forest, branches, trunks, knots and roots soft with sea water.

And finally, a little walk along the peaceful and serene River Tillingham before a short climb up to a village mentioned in the Domesday Book 1086.

Explore and discover the best of Rye

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A Walk around Rye

An Urban Ramble

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Rye, an island citadel once surrounded by water, but the winds and the storms won a great battle and the sea retreated leaving a town marooned inland.

Rye, with its medieval airs and cobbled streets, its history as a Cinque Port, the smugglers and its people, is one of the most picturesque towns in England.

Stir the imagination and explore Rye’s long history of French invasions, smuggled brandy, tea and tobacco and of an infamous churchyard murder.

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Pub Walks in 1066 Country

I want to tempt you with some short but exhilarating walks, a wealth of fascinating local history, good pubs and of course, good beer.

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Here is a selection of four Pub walks that encourage you to explore 1066 Country on foot and in the process, discover some tremendous country walks.

I am not claiming they are the best pubs but they are ones that I enjoy, chosen for their location, beer and conviviality and the opportunity to walk, to explore and discover the 1066 Countryside.

All the walks are accessible by public transport, mostly by Stagecoach services, and the occasional train. Leave the car at home and enjoy a pint and let the ‘bus’ take the strain.

In these Four Pub Walks, it is the walk that takes pride of place and that welcome pint in that friendly pub is the reward for all your effort.

Enjoy the experience.

The Ramblers have crowned Hastings Old Town as Britain’s Best Walking Neighbourhood 2018

Pub Walks in 1066 Country is available now from Hastings Tourist Information, Hastings Pier, The Bookkeeper (Kings Road St Leonards) and British Design, British Made and AHA in Battle or direct from History Walks

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A Walk through Kent and Sussex



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Three Castles and an Ironmaster’s House is published by Bretwalda Books.