Spectacular Hastings

Hasting’s beautiful Alexandra Park has been voted the BEST PARK IN THE SOUTH EAST for 2019.

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Alexandra Park stands shoulder to shoulder with some of the best parks in England but you must walk it to find all of the hidden gems.

In Pub Walks in Hastings & St Leonards, Alexandra Park is revealed in all its glory with the added reward of a pint at the North Star and time to reflect on a hidden Hastings.

Strike out beyond the prom to discover Hastings and St Leonards’ best pubs in History Walks Book 6 Pub Walks in Hastings & St Leonards.

History Walks Book 6 – Pub Walks in Hastings & St Leonards.

Hastings in Focus

History Walks, Talks and Books – More than just footsteps on a Path.

For more information visit: www.1066haroldsway.co.uk

‘Britain’s Best Walking Neighbourhood Award’

The Ramblers

Britain’s Best Walking Neighbourhood Award’

As part of a campaign to boost urban walking, ‘The Ramblers’ has launched a competition to find the best urban walk and one of the top ten nominated Towns is


There is more to Hastings then the promenade.

With its amazing views, its wealth of history, with its castle, coast, cliffs, coves and woodlands, its tales of intrigue and smuggling, it is a great place to walk.

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‘History Walks’ supports Old Town Hastings in its bid for the Best Urban Walk

Voting closes on March 13th –  Vote Now, Vote here


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