Well done to the Central London Outdoor Group who completed the final section of their epic walk from Westminster Abbey to Battle Abbey on Saturday 8th October 2016.

Bob Carpenter led the walk, following 1066 Harold’s Way, in 10 monthly stages from London and finished before the walker’s rush the following weekend.

It was a pity that I could not meet the group but there finish coincided with my Saxon Times talk for the Hastings History Group at the start of their Hastings Week programme.

2016 Certificate CLOG

Bob also asked about the progress of the follow-up books Final Journey, from , and 1066 William’s Way and my reply was that:

The Final Journey should be completed next year with publication the following year – it will be  a good trek across the breadth of Sussex but at the moment, I am trying to get my head around all the public transport links and Southern Rail have not been helping me this year.

1066 William’s Way remains an on-going project.’

Celebrate 2016

Next year is a big year for 1066 Harold’s Way.

It is the anniversary of the Battle of Hastings 1066 and to honour this significant event walkers, who finish the 100 miles from Westminster Abbey to Battle Abbey during 2016, will receive a special certificate to mark their achievements.

2016 Certificate Format - Harold - French Script v4 Signed

The Certificate will be available to download at from the beginning of the New Year.

Happy Walking

1066 Harold’s Way

The Greater London National Park will encourage and inspire people to enjoy all that London has to offer.

The Green spaces link the City to the countryside and 1066 Harold’s Way links Westminster to Battle Abbey, East Sussex.

With 1066 Harold’s Way one of only five long distance trails that start from the centre of London, History Walks and 1066 Harold’s Way support and have contributed to the idea of the Greater London National Park.

I wish the Greater London National Park every success

1066 Harold’s Way starts at Westminster Abbey and follows the Thames Path to Greenwich and the Thames Barrier before leaving the river and following footpaths through Marryon Park, Marryon Johnson Park, Charlton Park, Plumstead Common, Bostall Woods, Bostall Heath, Lesnes Abbey Woods, Franks Park, Erith Riverside and Cray Marshes to Dartford.

1066 Harold’s Way continues to Rochester, Maidstone and south to Bodiam Castle and Battle Abbey.

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1066 Harold’s Way


Jeremy Gilliard of Calton Ramblers, Dulwich, SE London e-mailed to advise that Calton Ramblers intend to walk 1066 Harold’s Way in full, over the next two years. Calton are a very active walking group with a large membership and it will provide a significant boost to the numbers walking 1066 Harold’s Way and to the businesses along the route.

They have already walked some of the stages and ‘stickers’ and Passports will be e-mailed out to acknowledge their progress.

Calton Ramblers wrote:

‘David Clarke is a keen walker and his book ‘1066 Harold’s Way’ is a new 100 mile walk from Westminster Abbey to Battle Abbey, East Sussex tracing the probable route of King Harold’s journey to the Battle of Hastings.

There are 11 bite size walks of around 10 mile each plus transport links i.e. train stations.

For most of these walks we can travel by train from London Bridge. I would hope that we will walk some of the other 9 stages during the next 2 years and that David might lead some of the walks as well as joining us on our normal outings.  You can also lead one of the 1066 walks.’

Well done to Calton Ramblers.


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