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Imagine 1066, the Battle of Hastings and King Harold’s epic journey to his date with destiny.

Imagine being part of King Harold’s army, did it rain, was it dry? Three days of marching, the nights were drawing in, the noise, the fear and a battle to face – a camp at Rochester, a camp at Bodiam and a final climb to Caldbec Hill.

For the 14th October 1066 is one of the most emotive dates in English history and Harold’s march to the Battle of Hastings is the stuff of legends.

Follow in King Harold’s footsteps, along the probable route to the Battle of Hastings, a walk that starts at Westminster Abbey and finishes at Battle Abbey, East Sussex.

Be part of 1066 Harold’s Way – the start of your adventure.

For more information, visit www.1066haroldsway .co.uk

Pub Walks in 1066 Country

I want to tempt you with some short but exhilarating walks, a wealth of fascinating local history, good pubs and of course, good beer.

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Here is a selection of four Pub walks that encourage you to explore 1066 Country on foot and in the process, discover some tremendous country walks.

I am not claiming they are the best pubs but they are ones that I enjoy, chosen for their location, beer and conviviality and the opportunity to walk, to explore and discover the 1066 Countryside.

All the walks are accessible by public transport, mostly by Stagecoach services, and the occasional train. Leave the car at home and enjoy a pint and let the ‘bus’ take the strain.

In these Four Pub Walks, it is the walk that takes pride of place and that welcome pint in that friendly pub is the reward for all your effort.

Enjoy the experience.

The Ramblers have crowned Hastings Old Town as Britain’s Best Walking Neighbourhood 2018

Pub Walks in 1066 Country is available now from Hastings Tourist Information, Hastings Pier, The Bookkeeper (Kings Road St Leonards) and British Design, British Made and AHA in Battle or direct from History Walks

History Walks – more than just steps on a footpath.


Rock a Nore to De La Warr

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This is a walk that starts at Rock a Nore, at the easterly extreme of Hastings, and finishes at the De La Warr – that grand art deco pavilion on Bexhill’s promenade.

It is an historic route with much to occupy the imagination.

It is a hop on and hop off kind of walk, do as little or as much as you want but it is not a race. Take your time and enjoy the history with plenty of opportunity to stop for tea, coffee and, if warm enough, ice creams with a Stagecoach bus to take you home.

The Ramblers have crowned Hastings Old Town as

Britain’s Best Walking Neighbourhood 2018

Rock a Nore to De La Warr is available now from Hastings Tourist Information, Hastings Pier and The Bookkeeper, Kings Road St Leonards.

and direct from

History Walks

History Walks – more than just steps on a footpath


Your Vote Mattered

Thank you all, the History Walk Facebook page had over 1300 views and

your vote really mattered.  With over 21% of the total vote of 12000,

Hastings Old Town

was today crowned

Britain’s Best Walking Neighbourhood 2018

There are so many fascinating walks in Old Town, Hastings and St Leonards for us all to enjoy, to discover and explore and to imagine. Happy walking.

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Ramblers Press Release

‘Britain’s Best Walking Neighbourhood Award’

The Ramblers

Britain’s Best Walking Neighbourhood Award’

As part of a campaign to boost urban walking, ‘The Ramblers’ has launched a competition to find the best urban walk and one of the top ten nominated Towns is


There is more to Hastings then the promenade.

With its amazing views, its wealth of history, with its castle, coast, cliffs, coves and woodlands, its tales of intrigue and smuggling, it is a great place to walk.

For a taste of Hastings Walks        You-Tube.jpg

Pub Walks Walk 2 North Star & Alexandra Park        You-Tube.jpg

‘History Walks’ supports Old Town Hastings in its bid for the Best Urban Walk

Voting closes on March 13th –  Vote Now, Vote here


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1066 in 66 Minutes

Next Talk

1066 in 66 Mins Probus Billingshurst v2

A lighthearted review of all the events of that tumultuous year as reported by The Saxon Times.

The year began with the death of King Edward the Confessor and ended with the coronation of King William and a New Year’s Eve that saw the new King ‘hiding’ in a nunnery in Barking. It was a year that shaped the future of England.

For information on this and other talks visit:        www.1066haroldsway.co.uk